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Yup, art commissions! I'll draw pretty much anything. I might even do animations but that would be more expensive and you'd have to note me about it so we can negotiate a price.


You can either note me here or send a message to or to order a commission.


Art Prices:
I can do either digital or traditional. If you order a traditional piece from me I can also send it to you in the mail for an additional $2 charge. I will do a sketch of your request and then once you approve it, I'll have you send the money and I'll continue working on the piece

Sketch- $5
Dagron sketch by Iron-Zing

Colored Sketch- $8
Butts by Iron-Zing

Inked Lineart- $15
A Loaded God Complex by Iron-Zing

Flat-Colored Lineart- $25
Aromatisse by Iron-Zing

Character Design Sheet (full color)- $35
Neopets: Degiarna the Darigan Flotsam by Iron-Zing
Neopets: Quwakuuyama, the Ixi Spirit of Thunder by Iron-Zing

Full-color piece with background- $50
Afterwards by Iron-Zing
Zoroark vs Archen by Iron-Zing

Sculpture Prices:
As with my art commissions, I will do a rough sketch for you to make sure that I am on the right track with what you are looking for. Once you approve it, I will need to receive payment before I begin working on the piece. I base the prices of my sculptures on two things: how detailed the commissioner wants it to be, and how large they want it to be. If the character you want me to sculpt is very detailed, it will be more expensive then a simple character. Same goes for sizes of the sculpture. For very large pieces the price may go above what is listed here. Also, there will be an additional change for shipping which varies depending on the size of your sculpture. It can be anywhere between $2-­$8 extra shipping cost.

Simple Sculptures- $10-15
Mini Farfetch'd figure by Iron-Zing
Homestuck: Kangaram mom figure by Iron-Zing
Dig-Dug the Dugtrio Sculpture by Iron-Zing

Normal Sculpture-$25-$35
GNG Akatora sculpture by Iron-Zing
Hamlet the nidorino sculpture by Iron-Zing
Anastasia the Lopunny figure by Iron-Zing

Complex Sculpture- $40-$60
Nwaba the chameleon sculpture by Iron-Zing
Magni the Gallade Sculpture by Iron-Zing
Manson the Honchkrow sculpture by Iron-Zing



Katie Bolte
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I'm Zing, a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Currently I am working as a part-time animator for Augsburg Fortress in Minneapolis, MN. In my free time I'm chipping away at personal projects such as animations and sculptures, and playing video games.

I like to do Let's Plays occasionally, which can be found on my youtube channel.


Vivian James- Not Your Shield banner by Iron-Zing
Vivian James- Not Your Shield banner
This is a banner to match the avatar I did, made for this guy:

Has to do with the whole #Gamergate & #NotYourShield stuff going on right now. If you don't know what that's all about, here's a good article on the whole thing:…
Vivian James- Not Your Shield commission by Iron-Zing
Vivian James- Not Your Shield commission
An avatar I made for this gentleman on Twitter:

Has to do with the whole #Gamergate & #NotYourShield stuff going on right now. If you don't know what that's all about, here's a good article on the whole thing:…
Mega Lopunny by Iron-Zing
Mega Lopunny
Cleaned up a sketch I did during a drawing livestream awhile back. Thought it turned out pretty well!
Motorcity Monster Mutt comparison by Iron-Zing
Motorcity Monster Mutt comparison
Finished piece:
Some of the aspects like the markings are pretty self explanatory so i didn't include circles for those.

The hardest part was to figure out a way to do the spoilers. I think the feathers worked pretty inspiration from the weird feather shapes that Birds of Paradise often have!
Motorcity: Monster Mutt AU! by Iron-Zing
Motorcity: Monster Mutt AU!
Got a commission recently where I was asked to draw what Mutt might look like as some sort of monster. This is what I came up with!
I took elements from the car's design and translated them into things such as fur, horns, and feathers. I'm pretty pleased with the way the character concept came out :)

Here's a quick comparison showing what car parts got turned into what monster parts:

For the background just threw together a quick hodgepodge of photos to make a Motorcity-looking scene. The commissioner didn't originally pay for a background but I thought it might be fun to try and do some photo manip stuff~

Anyways pretty pleased with this one! Hope you guys enjoy it~

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