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Dragon Quest Monsters sketch dump by Iron-Zing Dragon Quest Monsters sketch dump by Iron-Zing
So I bought an old copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure for the Gameboy Color from this nerd store at the mall, and I've been having a ton of fun playing it. I played the first one but I never played the second until now. I did some sketches of the monsters I've been using :D My Grizzly is my strongest monster, his name is Sefti and he has like 300 attack even tho he's only been bred once. The sneks were the first monsters I caught, a Crestpent named Quetz and a King Cobra named Naga. I eventually bred Quetz down into a Wingsnake, and now I have a Coatol, which I'll draw later.

The Goategon is named Aun II and she is the daughter of a Unicorn (named Aun) I tamed from the wild, and the Blizzardy is her son named Vyoga. He is on my team currently with Sefti and Vul IV (descendant of Quetz), he is my healer.

The Jewelbag is just a tamed monster from the wild that I like haha ;P

This game has a lot of breeding in in hahaha, even more then Pokemon. A bit more complicated too imo. It's so much fun, I love it. I'll defiantly do more sketchdumps of my fav monsters~
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