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New Character: Viktor by Iron-Zing New Character: Viktor :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 17 2 Constellation the Nightwing/Seawing hybrid by Iron-Zing Constellation the Nightwing/Seawing hybrid :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 60 5 Pokemon Emerald Team #2 by Iron-Zing Pokemon Emerald Team #2 :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 40 2 Dissapointment- collab with xTheDragonRebornx by Iron-Zing Dissapointment- collab with xTheDragonRebornx :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 83 26 Apocalypse commission by Iron-Zing Apocalypse commission :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 18 2 Landilizandra commission by Iron-Zing Landilizandra commission :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 36 8 Captain Emery vs The Kraken by Iron-Zing Captain Emery vs The Kraken :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 22 4 Pokemon Emerald Team #1 by Iron-Zing Pokemon Emerald Team #1 :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 34 12 Digimon V-pet team: Greymon and Darktyrannomon by Iron-Zing Digimon V-pet team: Greymon and Darktyrannomon :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 24 5 Well yanno by Iron-Zing Well yanno :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 56 7 Whiteout (colored) by Iron-Zing Whiteout (colored) :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 95 19 Pokemon Sapphire Team by Iron-Zing Pokemon Sapphire Team :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 36 2 Pokemon Crystal Team by Iron-Zing Pokemon Crystal Team :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 39 0 Least Favorite Life: Scene 20 by Iron-Zing Least Favorite Life: Scene 20 :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 51 5 Least Favorite Life: Scene 19 by Iron-Zing Least Favorite Life: Scene 19 :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 70 6 Least Favorite Life: Scene 18 by Iron-Zing Least Favorite Life: Scene 18 :iconiron-zing:Iron-Zing 123 6


Wings of Fire - Darkstalker's Reunion by Biohazardia Wings of Fire - Darkstalker's Reunion :iconbiohazardia:Biohazardia 113 15 Alrighty Aphrodite by Spookapi Alrighty Aphrodite :iconspookapi:Spookapi 132 5 Gabu and Mei by kenket Gabu and Mei :iconkenket:kenket 933 51 Well Obviously by kenket Well Obviously :iconkenket:kenket 3,039 126 Litten by kenket Litten :iconkenket:kenket 1,277 15 Casting Light by GedankenTheory Casting Light :icongedankentheory:GedankenTheory 13 4 My Ultra Moon Team so far by blueharuka My Ultra Moon Team so far :iconblueharuka:blueharuka 199 19 Legends by xTheDragonRebornx Legends :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 343 43 Hey, no, wait for me! by TheLittleWaterDragon Hey, no, wait for me! :iconthelittlewaterdragon:TheLittleWaterDragon 135 17 Primarina by Trunswicked Primarina :icontrunswicked:Trunswicked 112 6 make way im in my pepsi mood by RealTense make way im in my pepsi mood :iconrealtense:RealTense 447 8 you're so cool! by Trunswicked you're so cool! :icontrunswicked:Trunswicked 61 1 Size comparizon by Paperiapina Size comparizon :iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 92 7 Siblings by Paperiapina Siblings :iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 174 12 Beach Fennec by TasDraws Beach Fennec :icontasdraws:TasDraws 237 16 im not a monster by LowDetail im not a monster :iconlowdetail:LowDetail 94 10
Commissions are closed for now. But if you want to get a quote for when I open then again, you can either note me here or send a message to or to order a commission~


Art Prices:
I can do either digital or traditional. If you order a traditional piece from me I can also send it to you in the mail for an additional $2 charge. I will do a sketch of your request and then once you approve it, I'll have you send the money and I'll continue working on the piece

Sketch- $5
Dagron sketch by Iron-Zing

Colored Sketch- $8
Butts by Iron-Zing

Inked Lineart- $20
A Loaded God Complex by Iron-Zing

Flat-Colored Lineart- $30
Nightshade Pixelmon tshirt #2 by Iron-Zing

Character Design Sheet (full color)- $17 an hour, as these are more complex
Neopets: Degiarna the Darigan Flotsam by Iron-Zing
Neopets: Quwakuuyama, the Ixi Spirit of Thunder by Iron-Zing

Full-color piece with background- $17 an hour, as these are more complex
Afterwards by Iron-Zing
Zoroark vs Archen by Iron-Zing

Sculpture Prices:
As with my art commissions, I will do a rough sketch for you to make sure that I am on the right track with what you are looking for. Once you approve it, I will need to receive payment before I begin working on the piece. I base the prices of my sculptures on two things: how detailed the commissioner wants it to be, and how large they want it to be. If the character you want me to sculpt is very detailed, it will be more expensive then a simple character. Same goes for sizes of the sculpture. For very large pieces the price may go above what is listed here. Also, there will be an additional change for shipping which varies depending on the size of your sculpture. It can be anywhere between $2-­$8 extra shipping cost.

Simple Sculptures- $15-$20
Mini Farfetch'd figure by Iron-Zing
Homestuck: Kangaram mom figure by Iron-Zing
Dig-Dug the Dugtrio Sculpture by Iron-Zing

Normal Sculpture-$30-$75
GNG Akatora sculpture by Iron-Zing
Hamlet the nidorino sculpture by Iron-Zing
Anastasia the Lopunny figure by Iron-Zing

Complex Sculpture- $75-$150 (can vary)
Nwaba the chameleon sculpture by Iron-Zing
Magni the Gallade Sculpture by Iron-Zing
Manson the Honchkrow sculpture by Iron-Zing



Iron-Zing's Profile Picture
Katie Bolte
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I'm Zing, a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
I'm registered as a small business for animation and illustration, and I'm currently saving up money for a tiny house. In my free time I'm chipping away at personal projects such as animations and sculptures, and playing video games.

I like to do Let's Plays occasionally, which can be found on my youtube channel-…


New Character: Viktor
Wanted to do some experimenting with my color/shading style so I decided to draw my character Viktor and use him as the subject lol. He's kind of a newer character, had the concept for him laying around for a year or two but never did anything with him. He's 29 and works as a casino dealer, which makes people think he's like a cool suave guy but in reality he is a dork and likes silly card tricks, like the ones magicians do on stage.

I'll probably draw him again sometime, clothes are hard for me so I tend to avoid them, but I should practice them sometimes :X
Pokemon Emerald Team #2
This is the team I have the most memories with! :D I played my second Emerald file for yearrrrrrrs

Chocobo: He was my starter for this game, and was the second Pkmn I ever raised to lvl 100 (first was Chari the Charizard for my original Red version). Because of Chocobo, Combusken became my fav Pokemon :)  His item is Quick Claw, worn over his spurs

Haiyaku: She was just a random wild Zigzagoon but I fell in love with her c: Linoone is so cute and her Pickup ability was super helpful. Her item is a Shell Bell

Rico: He was bred in my Sapphire version. His father was a Salamence so he was born with the moves Crunch and Dragonbreath. This is also why he has such a pointy appearance. His item is Razor Claw (obv. from later gens lol)

Flare: Bred by a friend, he's the son of her starter Blaziken. His item is a Black Belt

Hazard: Also bred by the same friend, I always wanted a Milotic because of how HARD it is to find Feebass in the R/S/E games. Her item is Leftovers but its not shown here.

Ezikial: This guy has a story behind him....So in Emerald version I had a full complete dex /except/ Latios. I wanted to complete my Hoenn dex badly because I wanted to get a Johto starter from Prof Birch as a reward. However, none of my friends had a Latios to trade to me so I could follow his movements with the Pokedex. So, basically I had to wander blindly in search of him and hope he showed up.

My friend Neo and I (the one who owns Flare's family) decided to look up tips and tricks on the internet to catch the lati' know, the ones that are like "Run in circles 10 times then go through this door and get on your bike and do bunny hops in this patch of grass"...we didn't think any of them would work, but the first time we tried HE APPEARED! I freaked out so badly man XDDDDD Cause I had never seen him before and he was suddenly THERE. So I chucked the Masterball I'd been saving at him, and well...that's how I met Ezikial. IT WAS DESTINY
Dissapointment- collab with xTheDragonRebornx
So a few weeks ago xTheDragonRebornx approached me about a potential collab, and we ended up choosing Battlewinner to draw. I did the sketches and chose the scene; I can't recall seeing a picture of Battlewinner talking to Greatness, and I wanted to give the fandom something new.

I knew I wanted to have Battlewinner's huge form hulking out of the lava, and her pose was pretty straightforward. But with Greatness it took me awhile to get the pose down; I wanted a combination between a dog cringing and a snake that was pulling it's head back in a defensive posture. I think I did alright with it.

Holy shit though did Reborn's part bring this to life. The lighting and overall atmosphere are phenomenal, if this piece had just been black and white it definitally wouldn't give much of an impact. But Reborn's details like the lava, the ice on Battlewinner's breath, and the faint smoke in the room really makes this piece stand out. I had a great time collabing with her!

You can fav it in her account as well if you'd like! xthedragonrebornx.deviantart.c…
Apocalypse commission
This is the next $10 commission for Xyzzys of their character Apocalypse. I went through a bunch of like, generic action poses before deciding on this one. I want to use poses that I haven't used before, and the end result was this, I think it turned out well. Hope you like it Whizzer!


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