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Torchic + Combusken chars by Iron-Zing Torchic + Combusken chars by Iron-Zing
I love the Torchic line so much ahhhhhhh.
I've drawn my Torchic and Combusken chars a few times before, but I wanted to do a pic with them all together like that houndour/houndoom piece I did, to show different body types and markings and such. All these guys are pokemon that I actually have in my games too~
One of these days I'll draw my three Blazikens as well.


Female Torchic
Hold Item: Focus Band
Dawn is very serious and dislikes anyone who messes around. She can't breathe fire, so she fights using moves like Slash and Mega Kick. She somehow developed spurs despite being a female.

Male Torchic
Hold Item: Everstone
The younger brother of Dawn and Gunther. He was born blind and uses his other senses to find his way around. He tends to use unusual moves such as Mimic and Focus Energy.

Male Combusken
Hold Item: None
A geeky Combusken who can be shy around strangers. He is very much a pacifist and only attacks with weak moves such as Scratch and Ember.

Male Combusken
Hold Item: Quick Claw
A lvl 100 Combusken who loves battling and can be aggressive in fights, but is a friendly Pokemon most of the time. He never evolved, and so his tail feathers grew long and extravagant, like a real rooster. He has large spurs and prefers to use his legs for battle. He is the father of Havoc, Dawn and Gunther.

Male Combusken
Hold Item: Blue Scarf
Gustav is a pretty normal looking Combusken, except that he is shiny. He is a contest pokemon and excels at performing for judges. Having been trained exclusively for contests, Gustav doesn't know how to defend himself in battle at all. Also, he is Dawn's boyfriend.

Female Combusken
Hold Item: Evolite
This Combusken is strange in more ways then one. Not only are her feathers much fluffier then normal, but she has small teeth in her beak and long feathers on her arms. Some speculate that one of her grandparents might have been an Archen. She has the special ability 'Speed Boost', and tends to lose a lot of her self control in battle, leading to reckless behavior and unpredictable moves.
Her design is based on a Crevecoeur chicken.
Firedragoneyes Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Professional General Artist
Wow, I love how you can make each design so characteristic, despite the fact that they're the same species :) And Dahlia is awesome.
Iron-Zing Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Thanks! I always love challenging myself like that~
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October 29, 2012
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